2024 Area Meetings

AM lunchtime

There will be 6 Area Meetings during 2024. They will follow a similar pattern to previous years.

The January meeting was hosted by Sheffield Nether Edge Meeting on Sunday 14th January from 13.15 to 15.45

After a shared vegetarian lunch, we considered membership matters, and received reports from a number of national meetings. We considered a proposal to move towards a single charitable body for all Quakers in Yorkshire. This would replace the 7 AM charitable trusts which currently oversee matters such as finance, employment, property and legal compliance across the region.

On Sunday 10th March, from 11.00 to 4.00 we met both face-to-face and on Zoom at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House. 

We welcomed 3 members of staff of Britain Yearly Meeting - Edwina Peart, Lyndsay Burtonshaw and Bridget Holtom. They helped us discern how we can respond to the commitment Quakers made at Yearly Meeting 2022 to make practical reparations for the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism and economic exploitation. It was a stimulating and thought provoking day as we considered what love and justice require of us. Useful reading.

We also dealt with some of our usual AM business. 


NB the actual times of each meeting will be posted here when they are confirmed.  

May  Sunday 12th afternoon, Balby Doncaster

July Saturday 13th all day, Sheffield Central

September Sunday 15th afternoon, Sheffield Central

November  Saturday 9th, all day, Balby Doncaster